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For øjeblikket har vi ingen anmelder af dette program: PDFCreator, version 2.5.3. Hvis du vil skrive en anmeldelse af dette program, så gør det venligst og send det til os. Så tilføjer vi det her med glæde.

One of the biggest benefits of PDFs, alongside their inalterability, is that they can be compressed to save space on your device and to make them easier to share. PDFs can be reduced in size by simply selecting the relevant option from the menu. PDFCreator also allows users to add in-depth metadata, including keywords and subject, which makes finding relevant files easier and faster. Too many keywords can complicate the search process, but if you stick to words that describe the main content of your document, it can be a useful endeavour. While the interface for this application is not exactly a work of art, it does provide a wide range of tools and options in a simple menu window. You can rotate the page, compress a document and choose your default language without breaking a sweat. It is not a perfect piece of software, however, and does have the occasional hiccup when it comes to converting files that are particularly image heavy. Another minor inconvenience is that, on installation, some antivirus software may detect threats from the application, although the developers say this a false alert and that the application has been fully checked and is guaranteed as safe. Depending on the amount of PDF work you need to do, PDFCreator is a valuable, free tool that can make the process smoother and more efficient.



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